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What do you get with Fintech IP™?

1. US search quality! We do not export your searches; all searches are performed by US-based searchers. 

2. All our searchers have worked for the US Patent Office as Patent Examiners or for WIPO contracting organizations as PCT Examiners, or both! 

3. Our searchers have even spent their careers as invalidity/validity consultants, which ensures that their search skills are Next Level compared to Patent Examiners. After all, the point of invalidity/validity searching is to find prior art which was missed by the Patent Examiners!

4. We are lower cost compared to brand name US-based search providers.

5. Our searchers also draw upon experience from the world’s largest search providers - but our difference is that we are at a lower price point, higher quality (we need to be as a small business), and we never export your searches to India or another foreign country. Whereas, Global search firms have been known to do this privately while charging the customer US prices.

6. It is part of our practice to search physical library locations on all Invalidity/Validity and Freedom-to-Operate cases. We may even do so on patentability cases if deemed necessary by the search director.

7. Our database coverage and access rivals that of the largest Global search providers. With access to over 300 Patent and Non-Patent Literature databases, we will find the killer art if it exists!

8. We have passion for prior art search and many years of experience. You can be sure that your results are reliable.

9. Every search is complimentarily run through 2 AI-based search tools, the results of which are add to the results of the human search component and the best references are chosen by the searcher. See below for how we structure an Invalidity search case (a similar structure applies to Freedom-to-Operate cases): Every FTO and Validity/Invalidity gets project receives a free run through our proprietary “AI” Presearch system, as follows: Zuse® AI and Fintech IP™’s patent-pending Augmentive Intelligence tool.

10. Our searchers come to us from the following patent agencies or search companies: Landon IP, CPA Global, Cardinal IP, USPTO, WIPO

11. Our searchers have various language capabilities including Chinese, Japanese, Persian, French and English. We also have access and use the best machine translators to definitively understand the scope of the prior art we uncover in foreign languages such as Japanese or Italian.

12. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will redo the search until you are satisfied.

13. We provide discounts for volume work.

14. Our process is unparalleled. Nobody in the industry searches prior art using a dual-”AI” Presearch to augment the human’s search in invalidity/validity or FTO searches. What you get going through this process is bulletproof results and unprecedented quality.

Trust Fintech IP™ for your IP search needs. We are a head and shoulders above all other search providers. This translates into best results in the industry. RESULTS YOU CAN RELY ON!
Feel free to ask for a sample report. We are always interested in customizing the report to your specific needs!


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Clearly, our process has been shown to save clients time and money, but did you know that the end results are higher quality too?  The combination of AI with human searching produces superior patent intelligence as compared to a single human searching without any assistance.

"Experimental results show that humans who received advice performed better than those who did not." - click below to read the Harvard University study

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Amphibian A.I.: Dual AI PreSearch plus Human Deep Search

Current state: Hybrid


Prior art search is so easy an amphibian can do it! Well, a new kind of amphibian.. it's part human, part robot (I guess you can say it's like artificial intelligence). I added 2 more long-modules to my workflow of patent invalidity search studies that I have become expert of for experimental reason. I want to explore the effects of adding AI to enhance or augment the results or experience of the human search process.

As you can see in my diagram, the two long-modules in on the left side of the workflow are the first 2 inputs into the human side search. 

Half Man Half A.I.


The two long-modules, appropriately, are the robot or ai modules. 1 module is from IPWe and the next module is developed by Fintech IP. The IPWe module claims AI, whereas the Fintech IP module is IBM-based and adopts the term augmentive intelligence. Nevertheless, both are priceless in providing information we need to keep this test alive! The more data we get about AI for patent search, the more we can understand AI itself. Maybe one day AI can do the full search without any human involvement and provide a summary to us.

For now, we need all the help we can get, all the search work we can get to test this out. Your work helps us to develop AI technology for patent searching, which eventually makes things quicker, cheaper and faster (some benefits we have seen so far in addition to higher quality search results). So if you like that we are already seeing these benefits, come support our development and let us use this system on your validity and FTO searches. 

Destined to become fully Autonomous A.I. Patent Search


The current model where the AI modules are in the back, are no charge for use of the AI. You are just paying for the human search.

I call this the amphibian because it is in the state "between" where a human and a robot are both doing the same search to achieve a final result. Eventually the human will be phased out and the robot will do the entire search. From amphibian to reptile, complete.